I wanted to die and I wasn’t joking. I wanted not because I was sad. I wanted because I was unable to fit with the system of the world, this world wasn’t my home. I often had a strong feel that I was something different and mistakenly sent to the earth. All I saw unfamiliar creatures around me with impenetrable system. I was trying hard to understand them but it never made any sense till I met Gem. After passing twenty seven years of human life, eventually I found Gem the evening when I was about to jump from the flyover. City lights were stubborn, they surpassed darkness every night. Sparkling silk cars were running under the flyover and I was standing there with no second thought to go back to life. I wanted to explore after death, I might go to my destination. It was stunningly amazing, just a few seconds away from meeting death face to face. I took my first step in air with my firm left foot then I let my right foot to follow the left. There was no fear, my body was falling down and more down and I was happy. Then I felt someone holding my hand in air. There was someone extraordinarily different from this world. I had never seen such being in my past twenty seven years of living. Now I was stuck between life and death and I experienced something unearthly. He pulled me back to the flyover. His hair was sky-blue, a pair of golden eyes and a purplish aurora around him.

“Amor” _ I didn’t understand what he said but his voice was wrapped in honey.

… continued

Caution_ Do not use for plagiarism

Š Prophyria

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