Love and Smartphone @2


Today Ned was home wholeday. I was hoping he would try to spend a few minutes with me. I was waiting for him to look at me at least once but guessed the stars of my sky have faded. It was a long mute day till 12:30 a.m. Ned put his only dearest phone for charging and his hands glided on my breast, his lips on mine like an unwanted signature but only for formality, he pushed me down for which I wasn’t ready. I was full of deadly emotions to rest my head on his chest for a while, hugging him a little longer. Was that too deadly? That he can’t afford it! Anyway the routine sex act was done within ten minutes which was also almost mute. I didn’t know what made me to think that we would sleep together talking about silly things. In no time his eyes got locked on the phone screen and his hands were holding it carefully. I found no place for me in his arms. There were no stars in the sky, my thoughts are falling in places now, seems all the stars were dying. These mute hours do unbearable noise.

To be continued…✍️

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