Love and Smartphone @2


Today Ned was home wholeday. I was hoping he would try to spend a few minutes with me. I was waiting for him to look at me at least once but guessed the stars of my sky have faded. It was a long mute day till 12:30 a.m. Ned put his only dearest phone for charging and his hands glided on my breast, his lips on mine like an unwanted signature but only for formality, he pushed me down for which I wasn’t ready. I was full of deadly emotions to rest my head on his chest for a while, hugging him a little longer. Was that too deadly? That he can’t afford it! Anyway the routine sex act was done within ten minutes which was also almost mute. I didn’t know what made me to think that we would sleep together talking about silly things. In no time his eyes got locked on the phone screen and his hands were holding it carefully. I found no place for me in his arms. There were no stars in the sky, my thoughts are falling in places now, seems all the stars were dying. These mute hours do unbearable noise.

To be continued…✍️

Previous Love and Smartphone

Love and Smartphone

It was one of the difficult situations when I moved to a new house. From the outside it didn’t look much old, interior was decorated by spider web. Owner informed me that someone would come to clean, perhaps I reached early. Previous tenant might have forgotten to carry their almirah. Inside there was a torn notebook with yellow pages. The words fragmented moments were written with red ink on top. My curious fingers turned the first page.


Dear notebook, I’m lucky that I got you in life who can take all my happiness and pain anytime. Ned barely talks to me. I have been looking at his calm face, busy eyes and his occupied hands. I often wander to reminiscences of past years when we listened to each others’ unspoken words. Now it’s all quiet. Our heart stopped singing song, we don’t touch each others’ skin anymore except the sex seconds. We don’t give a damn to each others’ feelings anymore.

To be continued…✍️

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Gem #climax

We were walking so close and my skin could feel the majestic aurora of his skin. The world around me was moving fast, my body was so slow, as much I tried to walk fast, the surrounding was running like someone was forwarding the whole scene. My inside was restless as the situation seemed so unreal. He had a sheer smile on his face, serene.

Where are we heading? Who are you and what is Amor?_ I stopped in middle of the flyover.

Amor, we are going home. Just come with me. I promise you’ll get all the answers. _ He held my hands and we entered a circle with colourful aurora.

We weren’t on the flyover, it took seconds only and we were in an extraordinary place. It was hard to differentiate whether it was real or I was in dream. There were two moons in the sky, bigger than earth’s moon, shining brighter and closer to land. There were doors only but no house. We stepped through one of the doors, one rose plant was there next to the door with two red roses. I heard someone saying welcome home Amor. I shrugged looking around. No one was there but I saw him looking at me. He pointed to the roses. Roses could speak here. Where was I?

Burning candles of the chandelier, open windows, a frozen stream, a floor of dandelions, a wooden cupboard which door was made of chinar leaves and a bed of petals. He opened the cupboard and asked me to look inside. I was reluctant but eager to know. I saw mine and his different lives from different times in the earth and how we ended our lives many times in search of purpose to be born as humans. Now I knew I arrived my destination, ending of my journey to search the purpose of my existence. We were for eachother from the moment the universe had come to life. We were one single particle, we were parted in the process of evolution. I embraced him and we became one. I was him and he was me.

Previous Gem


I wanted to die and I wasn’t joking. I wanted not because I was sad. I wanted because I was unable to fit with the system of the world, this world wasn’t my home. I often had a strong feel that I was something different and mistakenly sent to the earth. All I saw unfamiliar creatures around me with impenetrable system. I was trying hard to understand them but it never made any sense till I met Gem. After passing twenty seven years of human life, eventually I found Gem the evening when I was about to jump from the flyover. City lights were stubborn, they surpassed darkness every night. Sparkling silk cars were running under the flyover and I was standing there with no second thought to go back to life. I wanted to explore after death, I might go to my destination. It was stunningly amazing, just a few seconds away from meeting death face to face. I took my first step in air with my firm left foot then I let my right foot to follow the left. There was no fear, my body was falling down and more down and I was happy. Then I felt someone holding my hand in air. There was someone extraordinarily different from this world. I had never seen such being in my past twenty seven years of living. Now I was stuck between life and death and I experienced something unearthly. He pulled me back to the flyover. His hair was sky-blue, a pair of golden eyes and a purplish aurora around him.

“Amor” _ I didn’t understand what he said but his voice was wrapped in honey.

… continued

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Infinite fears_Introducing#3

Sometime I don’t want to think, not a single thing. I want my mind to become total vacant. I don’t want to feel any emotion. My neurones are tired of carrying thousands of emotions all the time. I don’t find the words to arrange them in sentence. It seems words are hiding from me, they are protecting themselves from my ruthless ink.

πŸŽ™οΈStay LoudπŸŽ™οΈ

I can eliminate all the fears

Which are holding me back,

My feet are one step away

from neverending adventure,

I’m still stubborn and wild

and no fear can make my heart fool.

Save me from me πŸŒ€1

Mid June sky, it was blue, peaceful and calm blue. I was sitting next to an iron window. My hands wanted to touch the blueish sky but I wasn’t a bird to fly towards them and touch them. I was penning lines for nature’s invincible beauty and the chemistry professor might be assuming, he got attentive student. Chemistry! It’s been nine years chemistry still goes over my head. Those chemical equations were buzzing in my ears which my brain couldn’t analyse. The view through the window was more breathtaking than the inside of the classroom. I had crush upon science but I was in love with literature, enigmatical words, waves of emotions behind the relations and fiction but mostly reflection of reality.


Infinite fears_ Introducing#1

That night was long like a year.

It was humming the same dark song again.

I saw her hiding in corner,

both of her hands were on her ears.

I saw her round, big eyes but full of fear.

Dogs were barking on the street next to window.

The thin hands of the wall clock never stopped ticking,

her shivering lips and unuttered requests to them remained sealed.

And I saw her hiding in corner.