Infinite fears_Introducing#3

Sometime I don’t want to think, not a single thing. I want my mind to become total vacant. I don’t want to feel any emotion. My neurones are tired of carrying thousands of emotions all the time. I don’t find the words to arrange them in sentence. It seems words are hiding from me, they are protecting themselves from my ruthless ink.

πŸŽ™οΈStay LoudπŸŽ™οΈ

I can eliminate all the fears

Which are holding me back,

My feet are one step away

from neverending adventure,

I’m still stubborn and wild

and no fear can make my heart fool.

Infinite fears_Introducing#2

A woman will fail when she will start depending upon a man. If she is thinking that a man will come to her life and he will fulfill all her expectations then she’ll be having pathetic life. There’s no point to depend upon a man only because you’re a woman. You’re equally capable of achieving success.

Remove the fear from your heart if you walk alone. Dear, you’re enough alone to face life.

Infinite fears_ Introducing#1

That night was long like a year.

It was humming the same dark song again.

I saw her hiding in corner,

both of her hands were on her ears.

I saw her round, big eyes but full of fear.

Dogs were barking on the street next to window.

The thin hands of the wall clock never stopped ticking,

her shivering lips and unuttered requests to them remained sealed.

And I saw her hiding in corner.